The Legend of the Redbrands

The Sunless Citadel Part 4
Nice rack...

Returning the scene, the group busts open onto a new room, circular in design with a pit complete with vines, leading below. However, they were beset by a hobgoblin warlord, his men and a goblin shaman. Like Death’s shadow itself, Moonshadow quickly moved in dispatching the foes with quick precision. Oak was felled, bleeding out until the cleric came to his aid. The bard was confronted by goblins in the aftermath, when he unleashed Thunder Wave and turned two to vapor. After looting the corpses, they found one of the rings and armor belonging to one of the lost victims.

Descending to a room below, the group was attack by twig blights and skeletons, this time the party made quick work of the enemies. Just as they were preparing for a quick repast, a bugbear with his pet giant rats attacked, as he growled that he’d use the band for his stew. Oak would have none of that, casting a spell to bind him in place, almost unneeded as his arrow cleaved into the bugbear with damage tearing him asunder. Oak now spots a sporty new helm.

Erky, the gnome acolyte was convinced by the cleric to investigate a narrow passageway but was ripped to pieces. Soon after, the heroes found some goblins and promptly dispatched them with deadly precision.

The end nigh upon us….


Sean has notes

The Sunless Citadel Part 3
The Legend of the Clipper...

Resuming where they left off, Oak investigated a dry fountain in the room. The decor was much like a similar room they encountered before. Oak spoke the inspiration found on the foundation and suddenly a toxic cloud shot forth, gagging the party, almost killing Moonshadow.

Having enough of that, the band backtracked to a turn not yet taken and come across a door which Moonshadow disarmed. The room was filled with caltrops which Tamara was clearing when beset upon goblin archers. Oak and Neagan were hindered by caltrops but not so much by Moonshadow, which vaulted over the trap and impressively dispatched the goblins in a gory manner.

Shortly they came across some kobolds prisoners and a gnome acolyte, Erky Timbers. He offered his help and informed them that the adventurers they sought were there weeks ago, and taken elsewhere to the hobgoblin Belak.

With Erky in tow, the group came to a “trophy” room, containing the white dragon wyrmling they sought. However, the creature certainly wanted nothing to do with them, much less Meepo. It was decided best to leave well enough alone and trapping the beast within, tossing Meepo’s remains inside to be used as a chew toy.

Moving on to room 40, the group found an old church, run down by well over 34 goblins living in it, of which, the group quickly whittled down to half that number in under 20 seconds.

110+ (auto leveled to 2nd, due to misc xp)

Med Chain shirt

The Sunless Citadel Part 2
The Life of Meepo....

Faced with two possibles, the adventurers attempt to try to open the door on the left in the room in which they are in. The door has a dragon motif on it, and try as they may, could not enter for the moment. That remained the last door to the right.

The party went down an empty corridor to find a wide chamber with a fire pit and a large empty cage within. On the other side, they heard a whimpering noise. Oak stealthy investigated and discovered a crying kobold.

After some prodding and speaking in broken Draconic, they discovered it’s name was Meepo and it was distraught over goblin’s stealing his charge, the clan’s wyrmling, a dragon named Caleryx. Taking pity on the poor creature, the group agreed to help Meepo, much to his delight. He quickly led them to his queen, Yusdrayl. She had in possession the key needed earlier to gain entry to the room with the dragon motif. After a brief discussion, it was decided they could have the key, in exchange of returning the dragon.

The group left the queen’s chamber, and Meepo led them to the area controlled by the goblins. Noticing an old fountain and uttering the translation, they obtained a liquid that would allow them to breath fire. Behind them lay another door and a hallway.

They approached the door and felt a cold radiating out from it. Carvings on the door showed skeletal dragons were displayed as with a warning. The elves wanted nothing to do with it, but the orc barbarian strode forth, holding Meepo in front of him. El Jefe tried the door and found it locked. Unfortunately, he didn’t notice the scythe trap, which missed him but not the unfortunate Meepo. The creature was bisected instantly by it’s razor sharp edge, splattering the room in gore and blood. Poor Meepo had died, with the thoughts of a better life. Being taken under the tutelage of his new friends, being reunited with his dragon and becoming wealthy. As his life was tragically cut short, a confused look on his face, almost asking why before everything faded to black.

After a brief regret to his fate, the group ventured forth, and found a sanctuary containing five sarcophagi with an elvish motif and an altar, laded with magical items. As the group investigated the new found booty, the lids of the sarcophagi opened, revealing skeleton warriors. After a quick foray, they resumed looking at the new found items. One of which, a crystal flute named “Night Caller” allowed them to animated dead.

Elsewhere, in another plane of existence, Meepo felt at peace. The grasslands went on forever, the air was sweet and not foul, and he felt free. A happiness spread in his little soul. Just as he was settling in, something began to feel wrong. A coldness came over him, the skies darken and his mouth tasted bitter. His skin was tightening and he felt so hollow inside, like the light was leaving him. His vision briefly left him and he found himself on the ground, looking down, his lower torso was missing and the orc was before him, contenting blowing on a crystal whistle. They had stolen paradise from him, and Meepo hated them all so much for it!

Anyhoo, the group was amazed at the prospect of turning things into useful undead. The orc slung Meepo into a backpack and they continued on. They walked down the hallway and encountered another R.O.T.S, which Oak overkilled it with a well placed arrow.

So ends this night, onto room 29.


Potion of fire breath
Candle of continual flame
Potion of fire resistance
Whistle “Night Caller” Casts animate dead once every 7 days
Misc coins and gems

The Sunless Citadel Part 1
The Adventure Begins...

Located in Waterdeep, our story starts off in a tavern known as The Yawning Portal. A group of hearty adventurers decide to band together and seek fortune. As luck would have it, a patron comes upon the merry band.

Kerowyn Hucrele, a lady of means from the community of Oakhurst beseeches them to find her lost children. Her adult children were part of a party which set out to explore the ruins known as the Sunless Citadel. Unfortunately, the party has not returned in close to a month. Fearing the worst, she hires the group. If they return their signet rings, it’s 125 gp a ring for each party member. Double that, if the family is returned alive as well.

The group set out on the Old Road, gaining a view of the Ashen Plain, set to ruin long ago by the dragon known as Ashardalon. Upon descending into the ravine, Oak is set upon by Rodents Of Unusual Size. With Moonshadow and Chuck’s aid, both eventually make short work out of the R.O.T.S. During this encounter, El Jefe, grabs the rope and dramatically repels the 50 feet to the landing below in no time.

While in the courtyard of the citadel’s remains, Oak’s reflexes saves Moonshadow from stepping into a trap, yet Oak is attacked again by another R.O.T.S.

As the group enters the lone tower, they notice two doors ahead and one “hidden” room to the left. As Oak narrowly disables a trap, they are sprung by three animated skeletons, archers trapped at their station of long ago. Oak is seriously injured, eventually healed by Lark. Moonshadow, Chuck and El Jefe’s abilities make short work of the undead.

As the game night drew to a close, the party left off in Room 4.

50 each

a variety of coins, scimitar, shield, 60 arrows and a +1 magic arrow.

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