The Legend of the Redbrands

The Sunless Citadel Part 3

The Legend of the Clipper...

Resuming where they left off, Oak investigated a dry fountain in the room. The decor was much like a similar room they encountered before. Oak spoke the inspiration found on the foundation and suddenly a toxic cloud shot forth, gagging the party, almost killing Moonshadow.

Having enough of that, the band backtracked to a turn not yet taken and come across a door which Moonshadow disarmed. The room was filled with caltrops which Tamara was clearing when beset upon goblin archers. Oak and Neagan were hindered by caltrops but not so much by Moonshadow, which vaulted over the trap and impressively dispatched the goblins in a gory manner.

Shortly they came across some kobolds prisoners and a gnome acolyte, Erky Timbers. He offered his help and informed them that the adventurers they sought were there weeks ago, and taken elsewhere to the hobgoblin Belak.

With Erky in tow, the group came to a “trophy” room, containing the white dragon wyrmling they sought. However, the creature certainly wanted nothing to do with them, much less Meepo. It was decided best to leave well enough alone and trapping the beast within, tossing Meepo’s remains inside to be used as a chew toy.

Moving on to room 40, the group found an old church, run down by well over 34 goblins living in it, of which, the group quickly whittled down to half that number in under 20 seconds.

110+ (auto leveled to 2nd, due to misc xp)

Med Chain shirt


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