The Legend of the Redbrands

The Sunless Citadel Part 1
The Adventure Begins...

Located in Waterdeep, our story starts off in a tavern known as The Yawning Portal. A group of hearty adventurers decide to band together and seek fortune. As luck would have it, a patron comes upon the merry band.

Kerowyn Hucrele, a lady of means from the community of Oakhurst beseeches them to find her lost children. Her adult children were part of a party which set out to explore the ruins known as the Sunless Citadel. Unfortunately, the party has not returned in close to a month. Fearing the worst, she hires the group. If they return their signet rings, it’s 125 gp a ring for each party member. Double that, if the family is returned alive as well.

The group set out on the Old Road, gaining a view of the Ashen Plain, set to ruin long ago by the dragon known as Ashardalon. Upon descending into the ravine, Oak is set upon by Rodents Of Unusual Size. With Moonshadow and Chuck’s aid, both eventually make short work out of the R.O.T.S. During this encounter, El Jefe, grabs the rope and dramatically repels the 50 feet to the landing below in no time.

While in the courtyard of the citadel’s remains, Oak’s reflexes saves Moonshadow from stepping into a trap, yet Oak is attacked again by another R.O.T.S.

As the group enters the lone tower, they notice two doors ahead and one “hidden” room to the left. As Oak narrowly disables a trap, they are sprung by three animated skeletons, archers trapped at their station of long ago. Oak is seriously injured, eventually healed by Lark. Moonshadow, Chuck and El Jefe’s abilities make short work of the undead.

As the game night drew to a close, the party left off in Room 4.

50 each

a variety of coins, scimitar, shield, 60 arrows and a +1 magic arrow.

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