The Legend of the Redbrands

The Sunless Citadel Part 4

Nice rack...

Returning the scene, the group busts open onto a new room, circular in design with a pit complete with vines, leading below. However, they were beset by a hobgoblin warlord, his men and a goblin shaman. Like Death’s shadow itself, Moonshadow quickly moved in dispatching the foes with quick precision. Oak was felled, bleeding out until the cleric came to his aid. The bard was confronted by goblins in the aftermath, when he unleashed Thunder Wave and turned two to vapor. After looting the corpses, they found one of the rings and armor belonging to one of the lost victims.

Descending to a room below, the group was attack by twig blights and skeletons, this time the party made quick work of the enemies. Just as they were preparing for a quick repast, a bugbear with his pet giant rats attacked, as he growled that he’d use the band for his stew. Oak would have none of that, casting a spell to bind him in place, almost unneeded as his arrow cleaved into the bugbear with damage tearing him asunder. Oak now spots a sporty new helm.

Erky, the gnome acolyte was convinced by the cleric to investigate a narrow passageway but was ripped to pieces. Soon after, the heroes found some goblins and promptly dispatched them with deadly precision.

The end nigh upon us….


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